The technologies are increasing all the time and some areas are so bad now

We need to try to reform and get together to help those who are suffering or ill. The technologies are increasing all the time and some areas are so bad now.





The upheavals in the UK over the issues of electrosensitivity and ill-health, which have been ongoing since early October 07, with groups splitting up and time wasted on endless debate/argument, can only have one  well hidden root cause to my mind and one main aim - to ensure that groups and campaigners are less effective or non-effective! Who would profit from that? WHO indeed!  No pun intended as it more than one.


The splits and upheavals in some groups have left some slightly ineffective. We can't afford to let that happen, we should all try to work together in peace and harmony to try to solve the problems we have in the UK with the increasing ill-health and electrosensitivity around the newer technologies which also include electricity, radar, infrasound and other things.


If only we could all work together and try to understand each other, the causes of the people would fare much better!


We need to follow the lead of the Lakota Sioux who have won a battle against a company to use their land and pollute it and have now declared independence from the USA.


People power can win - the Lakota Sioux are showing us the way to try to win - with peace, goodwill, determination, high standards,

honesty and with the will of all the people united together as one.


After inner turmoil due  mostly to misunderstandings and bad communication, we now have two ES groups in the UK instead of one, the official charity org

group and an independent group. 


We must hope that in time both groups can work in harmony to provide support and help for the EHS; to raise awareness; and  to make real progress in gaining public acceptance of this condition and the harmful  biological effects of these technologies to human, animal, insect and plant life and our environment.


I have agreed to be a volunteer, in that I will take calls from people with queries or who just need to talk to another electrosensitive who understands, from both groups when required. I can't choose sides when people are confused, sick or sensitised - nor should anyone have to.


The cause is ONE cause, no matter who does what! Together we stand, divided we fall.


I this spirit I give you the information about both ES groups in the UK so that the people have both and know how to contact both.




Contact ES-UK


Telephone: 0845 643 9748, for general enquiries and those who have ES or EHS., for media enquiries.

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